I love it.  Just love it.  Everything about it. Click it – You won’t regret it! Bowling Green State University – kudos to you.  Kudos for great lyrics, kudos for great production, and most of all kudos for taking a chance and thinking outside the box. I bet the donors who made the Stroh Center… More Awesome.

Sixty Seconds

What a difference timing makes! While watching Game 7 of the World Series, I happened to see a commercial for – a partnership of the Opportunity Finance Network and Starbucks. I’d never heard of OFN, but Starbucks I know. Too well. The production concept reminded me of the video that has become quite… More Sixty Seconds

December 31 is TOMORROW

December 31 will be here tomorrow. Well, not really, but it sure will seem like it! Not a year goes by that I don’t hear horror stories from folks that their year-end appeals went out late. Or their website wasn’t tuned up to maximize year-end giving.  “Late” means something different to everyone, but suffice it to… More December 31 is TOMORROW

Steve Jobs

A word of warning. . . this has nothing to do with fundraising. But I am compelled to write a little something about Steve Jobs, and since it’s my blog I reserve the right to get off topic occasionally. Steve’s impact on my life (and yours) is immeasurable. Even if you have never purchased an… More Steve Jobs