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I love it.  Just love it.  Everything about it. Click it – You won’t regret it!

Bowling Green State University – kudos to you.  Kudos for great lyrics, kudos for great production, and most of all kudos for taking a chance and thinking outside the box. I bet the donors who made the Stroh Center possible have watched this over and over and over!  How else can you make a gift, get something cool named after you, AND star in your very own rap video?

Thank you to ESPN for bringing this to the public’s attention!

And now. . . The Stroh Center Rap featuring the donors who made it possible.


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3 Responses to “Awesome.”

Kerry Thomson November 1, 2011

We thought a flash mob thank you was inventive, but this is GENIUS!!
Thanks for letting us know about it Jeff!

Brian Lacy November 2, 2011

I love this too and I’m sharing it. Thanks Jeff,


mflemmin@purdue.edu November 3, 2011

Look what BG, KY in their planned giving dept. Very cute :)