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What a difference timing makes!

While watching Game 7 of the World Series, I happened to see a commercial for createjobsforusa.org – a partnership of the Opportunity Finance Network and Starbucks. I’d never heard of OFN, but Starbucks I know. Too well.

The production concept reminded me of the girleffect.org video that has become quite popular since its launch a couple of years ago. I couldn’t decide if it was a tribute or a copycat, so I used my friends at Google to find the video online to allow me to compare the two. NOTE to OFN: You really need a YouTube Channel link on your website!!

The verdict? The concept is obviously similar, but it wasn’t a clear cut copycat as I originally thought. I did decide that even though the case for support isn’t as appealing (the girleffect.org vid still gets to me) I LOVE the fact that they did it in sixty seconds. TGE comes in at 2:23 and feels long to me, even with the better story to tell.

Like most, I have a short attention span. I’d love to see a one minute version of the original girleffect.org video. Don’t know if the whole story can be told in sixty seconds or not but I’d like to find out.

If you’re curious, here they are together:


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