Lindauer Consulting offers a variety of services to aid annual giving campaigns. Each project is unique and is treated with personalized attention and recommendations. 

Program Reviews include a thorough examination of data, materials, personal observations, and interactions with the staff. 

Comprehensive Program Review

Every annual giving program can benefit from a fresh set of eyes. The feedback you receive will include practical advice and strategies that will help you reach new levels of productivity.

A program review is a great way to…

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses

Gain additional insights and new ideas

Generally ‘tune up’ for growth in the future. 

Annual Fund Program Review

For some, a comprehensive review is either cost prohibitive or simply unnecessary.  Lindauer Consulting can work to design a project around those areas which need the most assistance.  From telemarketing to parents funds to segmentation strategy, a focused review can provide a detailed look at any area(s) that require attention.

Professional Development

Professional development for the entire annual giving team can be difficult given today’s lean travel budgets. 

Professional development opportunities include:

On-site seminars and workshops (can cut costs and increase effectiveness by bringing a personalized training program to your location) 

Design your own mini-conference by choosing topics that cover the issues you want to discuss or that address those challenges your program is currently facing

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