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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Questions About Counsel

    Do you work on each project personally?

    Absolutely. Lindauer Consulting is a one-person operation, and I personally complete all aspects of every project. If you have requirements or requests that may be better-suited to somebody with different expertise, I will be happy to recommend others or facilitate that arrangement.

    Why should I choose Lindauer Consulting?

    Two things. First, you'll be working with counsel who is a current practitioner with an understanding of both the opportunities and the challenges of running a contemporary annual giving program. That includes the ability to provide recommendations that can be implemented with the financial and human resources available to you and your team. Second, by choosing an independent consultant you will receive individualized attention and counsel tailored to your situation -- there is no 'cookie cutter' solution.

    Is it true you're selective about the projects you undertake?

    Yes. I only have time for a handful of clients each year. As a result, I choose to work only with those who are eager to improve their programs and where I feel I can make a significant impact. I also like working with clients who are passionate about their organization and are enjoyable to interact with throughout the life of the project and beyond.

  2. Questions About Pricing

    How much do you charge?

    Each project is different, so it's difficult to determine pricing until I know what you want to accomplish and the scope of work that would be required. I believe my fees are extremely competitive, especially since I don't have many overhead costs. To request a quote, please contact me to arrange a brief phone conversation. As I learn more, I can give you pricing details.

    Do you charge by the hour?

    Not often. Usually I will speak with a client about the project and will quote a flat fee for the project. This allows the client the flexibility to plan for the project and not worry that it will exceed their budget. I also hate tracking my hours, so it's good for everyone.

    Are there discounts available?

    I don't have coupons, but I do offer flexible pricing. If you are looking to hire counsel, I can probably design a project and price that meets both your needs and your budget. I do like certain parts of the country, so if you're in one of my favorite places I might be able to cut you a deal!!

  3. Questions About Timing

    Can you start today?

    Probably not today, but I'll do my beset to meet your timeline. There are times of the year when my job and family activities don't allow me to drop everything and leave. For the most part, however, we will be able to schedule a project around your needs.

    Do you provide long-term counsel?

    Yes and no. I can't provide on-site counsel for extended periods due to other obligations. If you're looking for somebody to set-up shop for six months while you look to replace a member of your team, I'm not the best choice of counsel. If you're looking for somebody to have 'on call' to bounce ideas off of, review materials, give advice, etc. for an extended period of time, that is something I can do. The best situations usually begin with a project to review the program and provide recommendations, followed by ad-hoc ongoing counsel when needed for the future.

    How do we get started?

    The first step is to contact me to arrange a brief phone conversation. We can discuss your current situation, explore the best project structure and gather some other details. I'll submit a brief proposal that includes a scope of the project and fees. We can go from there. I can be reached at or (812) 340-4848.