First World Problems

As you can tell, I almost never post to the blog. I apologize (again) and will make a legitimate new year’s resolution to do better. There’s a first world problem for you. And, this video has some more – shared by those who could only dream of having problems like most of us endure on… More First World Problems

A Film for Friday

I don’t usually add many items from my own workplace, but thought I’d add this one today. Why? 1) I haven’t posted for a very long time, so at the very least I owe you SOMETHING! 2) I really like this. It’s simple yet emotional.

Just For Fun

Over the past several years, the folks at Campbell & Company have done some creative marketing pieces. . . and I always love their buttons. I’m sitting in their conference room for a conference today and just thought I’d share. . . . The Facebook one always cracks me up. And, for the record, that… More Just For Fun

Social Media 2013

Once again. . . it’s time for a ‘Social Media Update’ video.  This one came out at the end of 2012, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll enjoy.  The author, Erik Qualman, always provide interesting statistics and insights as we think about the fundraising work we do.  Enjoy! . . As we embark… More Social Media 2013