Shoestring Stewardship

A loyal GettingGiving reader sent me a tweet this week that essentially asked the following question: “How can small organizations operating on a shoestring budget compete with large organizations who have more resources re: stewardship?” (I took the liberty of rephrasing it a bit as it was tweeted in 140 characters or less with abbreviations)… More Shoestring Stewardship

An Emotional Appeal

I occasionally share fundraising videos that catch my attention, and this one has been haunting me for weeks. Normally, I’m not a big fan of the ‘depression video’ which makes me feel so horrible by the time it’s over that I feel compelled to give. I prefer upbeat, hope-inspiring videos that make me think and… More An Emotional Appeal

Feels Real!

In June, GettingGiving featured a cartoon by Mark Litzker that told a sad but true story about fundraising, realistic expectations and social media.  Mark is both a fundraiser and talented cartoonist and he generously shared several examples of his work for use in the future. After opening my electric bill this month, I decided the… More Feels Real!