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The 2011 US News and World Report college rankings are here. Well, they’re online at this point with the magazine set to hit newsstands August 23. I won’t dwell on this issue any more than I have in the past (see the blog post below about playing the participation game) but I would recommend visiting The More Donors Blog to see an interesting analysis of the data for the past few years.

One other thing – the methodology was changed in a very interesting way this year. . . with the addition of a metric related to the perception of high school guidance counselors. I understand that perception is reality and all, but are we really going to rate colleges in a national magazine based on what guidance counselors ‘perceive’ to be the best? I would think they, more than anyone, understand that the best college is different for each individual student. But that’s somebody else’s soapbox.

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One Response to “They’re Here!”

Devin T. Mathias August 18, 2010

Thanks for the shout-out, Jeff. Couldn't agree more that the rankings including guidance counselor perception is just further mucking the way we "evaluate" institutions.