How did I miss this!?!

I admit that I love – it’s a terrific place to research various topics and see what presentations are out there of interest. Of course you can’t receive the full benefit of hearing the presenter, but in many cases you can get great information even though you weren’t in the room. Be careful, though,… More How did I miss this!?!

Do Fundraisers Give?

I was asked recently by a loyal GettingGiving reader if I had any data on how many fundraisers support their own nonprofits. It was a great question, and I have to believe the percentage is extremely high, but I had no data to back that up. So I consulted my research assistant, Mr. Google. He’s… More Do Fundraisers Give?

They’re Here!

The 2011 US News and World Report college rankings are here. Well, they’re online at this point with the magazine set to hit newsstands August 23. I won’t dwell on this issue any more than I have in the past (see the blog post below about playing the participation game) but I would recommend visiting… More They’re Here!