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I recently received an email from a GettingGiving reader asking for some assistance and I need your help. I’ve been wearing out the Google search engine for a couple of weeks now, and it’s getting personal. I HATE not being able to find something on the web, and I’m quite stubborn so I’m pulling in the GettingGiving cavalry. Here’s the part of the email that applies to the search:

I’m trying to find a video that I saw about a year or so ago. The video features a guy in a bar who is trying to pick-up a woman. The guy represents a ‘fundraiser’ and the girl represents a ‘prospect’ – so the ‘pick-up’ is really about the guy trying to get the girl to make a gift. The video is full or irony / humor because the guy’s language indicates that he only sees / knows the woman as a collection of general bio/demographic information (that he’s gotten from his less-than-perfect database). The woman quickly realizes that the guy is not treating her as an individual – and is turned off by the crude attempt. The video is a great lesson in the importance of knowing your prospects and engaging them as individuals.

My first thought was this video, which was close but not the one he’s looking for:

The mystery continues. I’d love to help this gentleman out, so I’m offering a bit of an incentive. If you’re the first person to send me an email with a link to the video I’m looking for, I’ll make $25 contribution to the nonprofit of your choice. Send your links to jlindaue@gmail.com – I’ll relay the link and when he tells me we’ve got the right video, I’ll make the gift.

You also might reduce my insanity in the process!

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