Much Ado About Nothing

Thanks to @directintel for tweeting about this interesting campaign from the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. I thought it was worth sharing – the video is below, and the link (above) will take you to the campaign website for information and more videos. On a somewhat related note, I have given up on the quest… More Much Ado About Nothing

The Conference Dilemma

This is a strange week for me. Normally I’d be attending one of my favorite conferences but, due to budget constraints and some other issues, I’m not. At the same time, about 50 yards from my office my organization has an open connection to the IFC Online International Fundraising eConference. I can drop in on… More The Conference Dilemma

Help, please!

I recently received an email from a GettingGiving reader asking for some assistance and I need your help. I’ve been wearing out the Google search engine for a couple of weeks now, and it’s getting personal. I HATE not being able to find something on the web, and I’m quite stubborn so I’m pulling in… More Help, please!