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We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the first episode of “People Say The Craziest Things” on the gettinggiving.com blog.

I’m betting the following fictional reenactment is something you’ve experienced in the past.  I know I’ve encountered this situation too many times to count.  I’m all for feedback, it’s that final phrase (see below) that always kills me!

Two individuals are talking about a fundraising program.  One is a highly experienced fundraising professional with many years in the field.  The other isn’t, but they have an interest in the program.  The one that isn’t just told the fundraising professional how fundraising should be done.  They have a new idea or suggestion that will work much better than whatever the professional fundraiser is doing.  They mean well and truly want to help.

Fundraising Professional
“That’s an interesting idea.  I’ll need to think a little bit about how we would do that.  Normally, we find that we’re more successful when we (fill in the blank)”

The Other Person
“I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but I know these people and this would be great.  You really need to do this!”

At this point the fundraising professional pulls out 500 pages of graphs, charts, data, historical information and a dissertation that has been written on this very subject.

Fundraising Professional
“Actually, our data and testing as well as information we’ve received from other professional fundraisers throughout the country shows that we are more effective when we (fill in the blank)”

The Other Person

“Yeah, well, MY donors are different.”

I’m willing to bet you’ve had a very similar conversation.  I just LOVE the ‘my donors are different’ comment.  It always makes me smile.  Inside.

If you have an interesting story, saying, situation or other fundraising tidbit that is ‘Simply Silly’ send it to me via e-mail and let me know if I should use your name or if you’re prefer to remain anonymous.  Occasionally I’ll throw one in to provide a smile on an otherwise dreary day.  If I use yours, I’ll send you a gettinggiving.com t-shirt or hat.  Who doesn’t want one of those!?!?!?
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One Response to “Simply Silly”

Mark August 26, 2009

Simply Silly: The telefund manager at a large state university who told me that she didn't want to push TOO hard for credit cards from donors and "Anyway, it's March and we're already close to 100!" To which I said, "100% credit cards?" and she said, "Uh, no, 100 people made credit card charges for the year. Is that good?" I smiled. On the inside.