Gold Medal Fundraising

The Olympic Games are almost here, so who am I not to capitalize on this and write a quick blog post about Olympic fundraising?!?! During one of my mindless ‘surf the web because I’m too wired to go to bed’ sessions, I came across the ‘Raise Our Flag‘ campaign and found it quite interesting. The… More Gold Medal Fundraising

The Great Give

Great story from the fine folks of Bentz Whaley Flessner about Florida State’s ‘The Great Give’ – a 36-hour online giving campaign.  Integrating many different channels, the campaign generated great interest and participation for FSU. Watch the video to learn more! – Enjoy the GettingGiving Blog? Subscribe Here! AND Follow me on Twitter @GettingGiving!

Mickey Mouse says thanks!

Not necessarily fundraising related, but certainly the concept transfers to those of us responsible for thanking our donors.  I received this about one week after a recent vacation to Walt Disney World.  I loved it and my kids have declared it will have a permanent place on our fridge!   – –      … More Mickey Mouse says thanks!

Let’s put that in writing!

There’s been quite a bit in the news lately about the ongoing lawsuit between Garth Brooks (mega-wealthy country music sensation with questionable facial hair) and the Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital. . . all over a little $500,000 misunderstanding.  It’s an unfortunate situation for both parties, and in the end nobody is going to be… More Let’s put that in writing!

‘Tis the season

Past GettingGiving posts have featured some fundraising cartoons by Mark Litzker, a fundraiser and cartoonist who has allowed GettingGiving to post some of his work. Given the amount of time many of us are out shopping for gifts right now, it seemed a perfect time to share another! Does this look familiar?

Annual Fun 101

Yes, this post is Annual Fun 101. Not Fund. Because it’s fun stuff! I’m often asked to do Annual Fund 101 presentations – to classes on campus or nonprofits looking to learn a little more. You can only use the same PowerPoint so many times without going insane, so I recently decided to change things… More Annual Fun 101