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Yes, this post is Annual Fun 101. Not Fund. Because it’s fun stuff!

I’m often asked to do Annual Fund 101 presentations – to classes on campus or nonprofits looking to learn a little more. You can only use the same PowerPoint so many times without going insane, so I recently decided to change things up a bit. I identified a great illustrator (thanks Tom!!) and I think my new and improved Annual Fund 101 presentation puts a little more fun in fundraising!

Tom and I worked on a concept that ended up being exactly what I was looking for – a lighthearted representation of the annual fund that hits key topics without getting too detailed. He was able to put it all in a single graphic that I could pop into Prezi to set up the final presentation. He did such a nice job I’ve already commissioned another graphic for a talk about participation rates. I’ll share that one soon.

I’m really happy with the final product, especially the fact that I can hand out a nice ‘poster’ of the talk at the end rather than a bunch of bullet-point slides.

I’ll update the presentation early next year, so I’m open to any thoughts/suggestions on topics or areas that need to be added – would love your feedback via email or by using the comments function below. Enjoy!

NOTE: Click ‘more’ and ‘fullscreen’ to get the best view!

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