Social Media 2013

Once again. . . it’s time for a ‘Social Media Update’ video.  This one came out at the end of 2012, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll enjoy.  The author, Erik Qualman, always provide interesting statistics and insights as we think about the fundraising work we do.  Enjoy!

As we embark on yet another year of raising funds for so many wonderful causes, it’s important to step back and see how our various techniques are working, how people need/want to receive information, and just where our resources should be allocated. The SM13 video gives us an updated view of the world of social media.

You know I’m not an ‘all your eggs in one basket’ kind of guy, and there is still plenty of room for mail, phone, face-to-face and even tin cans and string if that works for you. But when you’re looking at the impact of social media on your nonprofit and how you plan to engage your supporters, it’s important to know where the world is and where it’s headed. If you’re still worrying about your Myspace account, you really need to watch this. But who’s to say Myspace isn’t the future (again)!?!?

If you’d like to see more of Erik’s work, visit his Socialnomics webesite or his Youtube Channel. If you miss the Fatboy Slim music from years past, you can find that version of the video there too!

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One thought on “Social Media 2013

  1. I always enjoy these videos since it’s a good way to share some information in an engaging manner.

    When connecting with donors and potential donors through Facebook, Twitter (or even Myspace but probably not. . .) I wonder if it is better to have your own established page as a foundation or if using the college, university, or hospital page makes more sense. I see benefits to both.

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