Kudos to Charity: Water

If you’re living in the Twittersphere, you may have seen quite a few comments lately about the Charity: Water 5th birthday stewardship campaign.  If you’re like me, you ignored them. But I finally clicked the link, and I’m glad I did!

Long story short, the folks at Charity: Water used their 5th birthday as an excuse to throw a special party – for their donors.  They got together and sent personal emails, wrote personal letters, made personal phone calls and more.

The goal?  100+ staff members spending an entire day just saying thank you.

To top it off, they made 250 personalized videos to thank the volunteers who have raised money on behalf of Charity: Water by giving up their own birthdays or taking place in other activities to generate support for CW.  This is key component of their fundraising strategy, and they wanted to send a special thank you to each and every person who gave their time to generate support.

Below you’ll find a video from the CEO to explain the campaign, along with a sample of the individual/personal videos they made for their 250 volunteer fundraisers.  You can enjoy them here, but you really want to take the time to visit the Charity: Water campaign website to learn more.

Kudos to their team for taking a very creative concept and executing it in a fun and innovative manner.  I’ll toast to that with some clean water myself!

One sample of the 250 highly personalized thank you videos:

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