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In the past, I’ve mentioned that I’m a supporter of Habitat for Humanity in my local community. I believe in their work and their leadership and, after my alma mater, they’re my go-to nonprofit. At the national level, however, I have a beef. I hate their YouTube site.

I know, I know, it’s petty of me. But with the amazing stories they have to tell, it seems they could do better. Every day thousands of volunteers around the world are hammering, sawing and doing whatever it takes to build affordable housing. Smiling families are receiving the keys to new homes. There are heart-wrenching stories of the past, and new hopes and dreams for the future. In short, it’s a video goldmine.

Generally, I find the videos they create to be informative, but they’re SOOOO long and boring. Perhaps YouTube isn’t a significant part of their overall strategy. But with nearly 100 videos uploaded, and the most popular having only 28,000 views, I think this is a missed opportunity.

So, Habitat, if you’re reading this, find a volunteer who hates hammers but loves to create video. Give that volunteer a video camera and a goal: 2 minutes of magic. You’ve got the story, give it a voice! Better yet, crowdsource video submissions from around the planet.

Anyway, that’s my unsolicited opinion. . . take it for what it’s worth.

Here’s one from the Habitat YouTube site that doesn’t put me to sleep:

If you’d like to see other fundraising videos, be sure to visit the GettingGiving YouTube channel. I don’t make ‘em, I share ‘em!

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2 Responses to “Opportunity Missed!”

Meagan June 2, 2011

Great thoughts Jeff. Habitat homeowners have amazing stories and effectively sharing them is one of the most compelling things we can do. I’ll see about passing this feedback along to Habitat International and remember this when we in Monroe County make our own videos!

Jeff June 2, 2011

Meagan, I remember a video at one of the Monroe County More Than Houses breakfasts that was really good – can’t remember if it was this year or year prior – but I liked it!