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I’m not much of an events person.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – nothing, and I mean nothing, is lower on my to-do list than putting on a tuxedo (or anything with a tie) and going out for a fundraising event.  I do it, but only when my paycheck depends on it!

That being said, I saw this post and wanted to highlight it simply to say THANK YOU to the good folks at Vivanista.  Their post on ‘Creating the Perfect Menu‘ touched me personally.


#5:  . . . . put all condiments on the side. . . .

Hallelujah!  Need I say more?

Being stuck at a long fundraising dinner (or catered lunch meeting) is one thing.  Leaving hungry is another.  From those of us who hate certain condiments, thank you Vivanista! You’re making the world a better place!

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