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Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t funny or appropriate – and ultimately the donor or prospect will decide. I won’t make any comments on this one, but will post it for you to form an opinion.

Below the video, I’ve pasted in a few comments they have received so far – it’s too early to tell what the actual results are – perhaps I will contact somebody at Thunderbird to find out more about the return on their investment in a few weeks.

Comments as of 1/31/2011:

  • #1 in global retardedness…
  • Creative? Yes. Inspiring? No. Embarrassing for the brand? Most definitely.
  • schools, like all non-profits, have to find ways to fundraise. at least these development officers put a little creativity & fun into their ask! i hope their campaign this year is wildly successful.
  • I will make a ‘donation’ for this video to be taken down.
  • This is horrible.  Please take this off now. You have totally embarrassed and ruined the integrity of a professional top ranked business school.
  • Definitely what I would expect from a top tier business school.

What do YOU think?  How would your organization react to these early comments?

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One Response to “To Rap or Not to Rap?”

Josh January 31, 2011

I think the only way to truly judge the quality of this appeal is by the results. Who am I to say it’s not good if gets a great response from their alumni?

That said, my personal opinion is that I don’t like it. I understand what they are trying to do, but I think the end result just doesn’t get that across very well. It’s so “out there” that the viewer is thinking about how ridiculous it is and not the message it’s trying to get across.