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OK, I’m not off the DCCC mailing list yet and THANK GOODNESS! I would have missed this amazing e-solicitation from James Carville!

Kudos to the person who writes this stuff. I rarely am both disgusted with and in love with the same person at the same time, and that’s how I feel about the copywriter of this one! And, if you can get beyond the political stuff and look closely, there’s quite a bit to be learned about the fine art of solicitation in this one. It pretty much covers every base.

(NOTE: Click the letter below to see it a bit bigger and a lot clearer!)

Who knew the Democratic party was in such a pickle? If you can’t get them $28,949 by 5:00 PM today, it seems like the power will be shut off at campaign headquarters! Oh, the humanity!! I assume that means the Democrats are out of business and “Sarah Palin’s favorite extremists” will take over the country! People will be shooting bears from airplanes in your backyard!!!!!!!!!

I’m not commenting on the politics, really I’m not — I’m just amazed at the letter itself. Amazed. Frankly, the entertainment value alone might be worth a $5 contribution for me!

I also like the ‘tea party nut cases’ line. Hysterical.

Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, as we near election day you’re all becoming nut cases!! And I enjoy watching from the sidelines.

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