Lebron’s Missed Opportunity

Like much of the world, I waited for the big Lebron James news today. I don’t really care about the NBA but I enjoy anything that creates a carnival-like atmosphere. Miami. Can’t blame him. But that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about a missed opportunity.

I visited lebronjames.com shortly after the decision as I was curious to see what he had to say on his website. And I was surprised to see a big DONATE button at the top.

What, he doesn’t have enough money? He needs contributions too? I suppose it’s hard to survive on hundreds of millions of dollars these days and he’s gonna need a BIG yacht in Miami!!!

Well, I clicked the link to see where it would take me, and the result was a paypal giving form for his foundation.

I have no idea what his foundation supports or why I should contribute. There was no info on the main site and nothing on the online giving form. Nada.

I’m betting quite a few people visited his website today. I don’t think many people from Cleveland would have been willing to give, but others might have considered it if they believed in whatever it is he’s trying to do with his philanthropic efforts. Opportunity lost.

I realize the main page was probably changed today for the big announcement, but if King James is going to ask us to give, he might want to consider a basic case for support in the future.

Just a thought.