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Penn State (otherwise known as The Pennsylvania State University) went public recently about “For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students” which will raise $2 billion by 2014. I know many of the good folks at PSU and wish them well.

Normally this wouldn’t make the blog as billion-dollar campaigns have become commonplace and, while it will be a well-run campaign, I wouldn’t find anything interesting to post about it. Until I read an article about the announcement event at statecollege.com.

At the event, Joe Paterno (he’s been the Penn State football coach FOREVER) delivered a quote that has become one of my favorite quotes ever:

“The good news is, we’ve got the money.
The bad news is that it’s in YOUR pockets!”

Only people like JoePa can pull that off in front of 1,000+ alumni and friends.

I love JoePa.

NOTE: I’ve been told there have been variations of this quote used by others, but I bet JoePa delivered it better!

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