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Apple continues to release information about the iPad and its compatibility with iPhone applications. From everything I have read, the GG Blog app will work on the iPad at the time of its release. If you’ve been living in a cave, that’s this Saturday for the first lucky iPad owners!

If you’re being visited by the good folks from UPS on Saturday and are looking for FREE applications for your iPad, look no further. Simply search for ‘GG Blog’ in the App Store and you can read GettingGiving.com on your shiny new iPad within minutes!

GG will remain available for iPhone of course (search GG Blog in the iPhone App Store) and if the iPad version isn’t up to snuff, I’ll consider a new iPad-specific version.

Unfortunately, I’m waiting until the end of April for the 3G iPad to arrive. I may hug the UPS person at that point. So until then, if anyone does get a chance to use GG on the iPad send me a note to tell me how it looks.

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