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I warned you in my very first post. I’m a nerd. A certified nerd. And now I’ll prove it to you.

There is no rational reason whatsoever for me to build an iPhone app. I need one just like I need another hole in my head. But nerds are curious people, and while I have neither the time nor the energy to learn a new programming language to build an iPhone interface for the GettingGiving blog, it seemed like a fun idea. And then I heard about the folks at appmakr and how for a relatively small amount of money, they could build a simple iPhone app and would publish it in the Apple Store for me. I was smitten. And now when you visit the app store and enter ‘GG Blog‘ in the search field, there it is!

So now you can have a free application on your iPhone to read the GettingGiving blog, see the LindauerOnline twitter feed, and carry lists of recommended readings and websites that are of interest to fundraising professionals. Did I mention it’s free?

You likely have no more reason to download the ‘GG Blog’ app than I did to make it, but if you’re like me and you love the free apps, why not? When you’re stuck in the airport or at a doctor’s appointment, you can get your fundraising fix right on your iPhone.

I still recommend following GettingGiving by RSS Reader or Email subscription (which you can do at the top of this page) but the app is pretty cool too, especially since it’s FREE.

Instructions for finding the iPhone app:

1. Open ‘App Store’ on your iPhone
2. Select the search function at the bottom of the page
3. Enter ‘GG Blog’ in the search box
4. Touch ‘SEARCH’
5. There it is. Touch the ‘GG Blog’ logo and then download it

I look forward to hearing from those of you who download the app. Any feedback is always appreciated!

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