Recommended Reading

From time to time, I read something that I feel is an important work for fundrasers to read. I’ll mention it, and maybe even give a few highlights or thoughts about the work itself. This time, I’ll do half of that. . . .

If you haven’t already, Seth Godin’s Linchpin is a must-read. Even better, it’s available in Kindle format if you are a Kindle person. I won’t comment on the book, as I’m only 90% complete, but so far it’s amazing and you should read it. Now. It’s not a fundraising-specific book, but it is “a work of art” fundraisers can benefit from.

(Seth’s blog is also wonderful, and can be found at

On an unrelated note, I couldn’t put more words into the blog today anyway, as I’m still suffering from the defeat the Saints put on my Colts last night. Congrats to the people of New Orleans, and thank you to the Colts for a fun season. There’s always next year!!

Stay tuned later this week for a big announcement. Well, really not that big in the grand scheme of things, but something that will make you shake your head a bit and think “Why do I need that!?!?” right before you click your mouse 🙂

Linchpin. What are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Recommended Reading

  1. Book is on my shelf…looking forward to reading it. Glad to hear you give it a "thumb's up." Directors in our External Affairs group have our own informal book club, and we’re reading Tribes now.

    P.S. Can't believe the Colts didn't get it done.

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