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It’s not often I tweet AND blog about an article, but I want to call particular attention to something I read yesterday. For many, the concepts won’t be new, but the delivery of the information is great. And we can always use a refresher on this topic.

The article, The Magic Words of Fundraising, was written by Jeff Brooks in the October issue of Fundraising Success Magazine. It’s the October issue, so you may need to subscribe (free) for immediate access to the digital version or wait a bit for it to be on the main site. Visit: fundraisingsuccessmag.com for more information. I recommend a subscription, as there’s always something in there of interest.

Information like this – new to some and old to others – should be a key part of the fundamental building blocks of our strategies. And yet we forget all too often.

I’d guess I’ve used the phrase “You are not your donor” in just about every presentation I’ve given in the last 10 years. I’d like to think I always practice what I preach, but I’ll do a little digging into the ‘Giant File Cabinet of Old Stuff’ and find out. I hope I don’t disappoint myself. Boy, that’s too many I’s right there!

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