When Interests Collide

Too often, we spend all of our time letting others know what our institution wants from them. It’s a ‘gimme gimme gimme’ attitude and it doesn’t optimize the relationship with our donors, especially leadership annual fund, major gift and planned giving donors. Maybe it’s time we listened a bit more. The most successful philanthropic relationships… More When Interests Collide

Degree for sale. Cheap.

Many thanks to Kay – one of the gettinggiving.com faithful – for forwarding an article earlier this week about for-profit online education.  Both “scary” and “progressive” are words to describe Kevin Carey’s vision of higher education in the future. . . a comprehensive catalog of classes that can be delivered with a simple click of… More Degree for sale. Cheap.

Pay it Forward

There is a touching article on Bloomberg.com today that demonstrates the power of philanthropy.  It’s a short piece about David Robinson (NBA Superstar) and his relationship with a group of kids at Gates Elementary in San Antonio.  His personal pledge to these students was to pay for their college education if they met some basic… More Pay it Forward